Tactical consulting

Far from theoretical studies that end at the bottom of a cabinet, we offer tailor-made tactical maps that can be used directly to set up your commercial action plan or your reply to calls for tenders.

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Market intelligence

A specialist in market research, business information and market intelligence, Vélite supports you in meeting the challenges of developing in France and on international markets.

We can provide you with all the concrete information you need to be successful and conquer your market.

Our investigations are exclusively based on the acquisition of accurate, reliable information focused on your specific needs. We deliver our findings in the form of clear and operational maps.

We offer a wide range of services to support your market conquests.

«There are no impregnable fortresses, there are just badly prepared battles »



  • Evaluation of the potential of a market segment in a given territory
  • Identification of qualified business opportunities
  • Design of a sales contact plan
  • Definition of key account strategies
  • Analysis of other parties’ interests and challenges faced to support a contract negotiation
  • Detection/qualification of external growth targets
  • Due diligence (international sanctions, people exposed politically, corruption, reputation, networks of influence)
  • Definition of a local integration strategy
  • Preparation of a public consultation
  • Business intelligence
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for tendering

Since 2009, we have developed proven expertise that helps our clients win tenders in France and on the international stage:


  • analysis of the project owner’s credibility and verification of the solidity of project finance;
  • decoding of the method used for awarding the contract and the key players involved (decision-makers, financers, experts, users, etc.);
  • identification of their particular areas of sensitivity and their expectations, making it possible for you to design a reply as close as possible to their needs;
Deliverable made by Vélite ©Cabinet Vélite
  • aid in choosing the best partners and suppliers to give you the best chance of success;
  • study of the level of proximity between your competitors and the decision-making ecosystem to warn you of any potential collusions of interests.

On the basis of this information, we will provide you with a tactical map of the situation to help you prepare your tender and your action plan.


« The rule, in fact, is that the General who triumph is the one who is the best informed. »

Sun Tzu