Strategic counselling

With its widely acknowledged expertise in Market & Competitive intelligence, Vélite can boost your business development in both mature and emerging markets.

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Market analyses

Direct your efforts where the potential is greatest.

To guide your strategic decisions, we carry out high added value market research studies on your behalf. Using a fully tailored analysis, we can give you a clear and objective view of your market:

  • market potential
  • trends and prospects
  • technological developments
  • appropriate growth drivers
  • attractive geographical zones
  • players
  • regulatory framework
  • etc

Our decoding is based on a rigorous methodology that lets us deliver to you factual, quantified and objective information.

This enables you to define achievable targets, to envisage the sales operations required and to consider the investments that will be needed.

We present the conclusions of our investigations in the form of maps. These give you a very clear overview of your market. You will have in your hands the perfect tool for sitting round a table with your team members and analysing the situation together.

Our team will advise and guide you, helping you make the right decisions and determine an effective strategy. At your request, our consultants can attend your management committee meetings or strategy seminars.

Services :

  • Sectorial and geographical analyses
  • Studies of opportunities and country openings
  • Revelation of high-potential market segments and growth drivers
  • Industry mapping: competitors, suppliers, distributors, specifiers, purchasers, consumers
  • Prospective studies
  • Detection of trends and innovations
  • Analysis of the legislative, regulatory, political and socio-cultural framework
  • Strategic monitoring
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Competitive Intelligence & Market Penetration Strategy

Lead the way in conquering your markets

Since 2009, Vélite has developed cutting-edge  expertise in influence strategies. We can give you invaluable help in decoding the players who are structuring your business environment, allowing you to adapt your approach to the market.

Understanding, following and anticipating your competitors’ organisation and initiatives on a market are crucial for adapting your strategy. By decoding your competitive environment, Vélite can give you a decisive competitive edge.

Apart from your competitors, other stakeholders can play a critical role on your market, such as public entities, government agencies, trade associations, clubs, business networks, think tanks, etc.

We identify the various players for you, to give you a clear and factual appreciation of your market.

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Our competitor studies and mappings of players enable you to :

  • stay a step ahead of your competitors
  • make a judgement on the aptness of your external growth policy
  • lead the correct operations targeting key players on your market to secure your development


  • Analysis of your competitors’ positioning and strategy
  • Benchmarking of your competitors’ financial performance and business models
  • Identification of external growth targets so you can devise an acquisitions strategy
  • Mapping of players and networks of influence to prepare a targeted communications and public affairs strategy
  • Competitive, political, regulatory and media watch

Vélite has a tailored offering specifically for pharmaceuticals companies.

To ensure that patients are treated efficiently and ensure a good economic context for your pharmaceuticals, you have to inform a multitude of stakeholders about the therapeutic, economic and societal benefits of your healthcare products. Our Vélite Healthcare service provides you with a customised specialist service.