Compliance & Business Ethics

As a recognized player for its expertise in Stakeholder Intelligence, Vélite supports its clients in addressing compliance issues, particularly through detailed analysis and evaluation of the suitability and integrity of business relations (individuals or legal entities).

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Customized due diligence to mitigate your risks and inform your decision-making processes.

Our rigorous method covers a wide range of crucial verifications, such as shareholder structure, locations, reputation, networks of influence, litigation, as well as complete civil, economic, financial, and commercial data.

Vélite stands out for its ability to guarantee the reliability and quality of its analyses concerning the reputation and honorability of target entities and their key executives, their capital structure, and ultimate beneficiaries.

The evaluation of relational networks, the financial solidity of the target, the existence of potential litigation or hidden liabilities, corruption or reputation risks, and the operational capability of the company are also at the heart of its expertise. Thus, Vélite provides vital assurance for securing third-party relationships, supporting the international expansion strategies of its clients with unmatched rigor and integrity.

In-depth Global Due Diligence Expertise

With deep expertise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and a network of international correspondents, Vélite conducts thorough due diligences for its clients. This capability allows us to provide detailed evaluations of potential partners, meticulously assessing their reputation and positioning within the local political and economic landscape.

Our customized methodology is based on a comprehensive analysis, from the rigorous collection of information to its strategic interpretation, resulting in practical recommendations. This approach ensures our clients accurate and reliable insights, facilitating informed decisions on their international strategic partnerships.

Vélite’s excellence in due diligence practice is based on in-depth investigations in key areas such as the analysis of capital structure, evaluation of key players, and risk management related to reputation, financial, and legal aspects.

This tailored approach includes exploring institutional and professional networks, reviewing connections with public figures, and assessing stakeholder engagement.

Specialized Compliance Services

Relying on specialized partners, the firm offers its clients customized support in the areas of compliance and ethics. This synergy effectively guides companies and their leaders through complex compliance and reputation challenges.

Through its partners, Vélite enables its clients to benefit from regulatory support and advanced legal protection (international sanctions and complex regulations, such as the FCPA, the UKBA, and norms related to embargoes and export restrictions).