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Vélite supports major stakeholders from the health and pharmaceutical industry.

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Optimize your stakeholder engagement plan.

In order to guarantee access to efficient medications for all patients, it is imperative to establish trust-based relationships with local and national stakeholders, founded on an ethical and deontological framework.

To accomplish this objective, it is essential to initially understand their projects, requirements, and expectations, and subsequently engage with them in a meaningful manner. Vélite will identify individuals, entities, and organizations, as well as their concerns.

Since 2009, Vélite has become an expert in Stakeholder Intelligence. Our teams build detailed mappings of key opinion leaders (KOL) to consider on a local, national or international scale.

Based on this, we provide comprehensive support from the inception stage to develop a cohesive strategy and construct an optimal engagement plan for KOLs, involving your medical, market access, public affairs teams, and other internal stakeholders.

Our innovative methodology ensures the following:

  • Dependable analysis grounded in clear and factual information
  • Ongoing tracking and complete transparency of compiled data
  • Intuitive visual mappings that simplify usability and foster collaboration
  • Efficient recommendations that prioritize practical intelligence over theoretical concepts

Choosing Vélite means equipping yourself with the highest likelihood of deciphering a complex stakeholder ecosystem, gaining clarity on where to concentrate your efforts, and establishing an impactful action plan.

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Philippe Mourouga

VP Value, Access and Government Affairs - Intercontinental

The collaboration we started with Vélite a few years ago has enabled us to improve our strategic approach to the many issues at the heart of the health world: media coverage of debates, questioning of medical and scientific expertise, territorialisation of health issues. The proposed approach, which combines a detailed analysis of comments, initiatives and debates with a cartographic visualisation, allows us to refocus discussions on the real strategic issues, both internally and externally.

In this way, we avoid the many pitfalls that always arise when a company interacts with an environment that may be unfamiliar with the complexity of the issues addressed: drug development, organisation of care, economic complexity. I can only recommend the use of this method in the initial approach to the development of any strategy.

Philippe Maugendre

Trade Association relations Director at Government Affairs Department

Vélite provides exceptionally professional and high-quality work, both in its execution and in the analysis of results. One of the key advantages of working with Pierre-Marie de Berny is his attentive approach to understanding the needs of his counterpart, enabling him to provide personalized responses rather than generic ones. The seamless coordination among his team members and their shared vision of projects and customer relations enable us to advance projects with remarkable agility and professionalism.

Jean-Philippe Alosi

Public & Government Affairs Director

I had the opportunity to work with Vélite on a detailed analysis of a narrow environment. I have been impressed by the work quality of their team and especially the abundance and variety of sources used. The result of this work, presented under the form of a clear, complete, and understanding mapping, is truly exploitable to set an operational action plan.

Ana Román Muñoz

Global Public Affairs VBHC Director
AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare

Easy to work with them. They understood the concept and the scope of the project from the very beginning and they have been able to map quite accurately the main european stakeholders and the connexions between them in a short period of time. Very helpful for us to make a step change in our public affairs & partnership strategy