About Vélite

We are a firm of consultants specialising in market research, business information and market intelligence. We offer a range of services that focus on decoding and analysing markets.

Our deliverables are presented in the form of visual maps which our clients can use directly as battle plans for conquering new markets.

Why Vélite ?
Vélite Offices - Versailles ©Cabinet Vélite

Why Vélite ?

Velites were members of the light infantry of the Ancient Roman army, their name deriving from veloce, the Latin for “fast”. Versatile and mobile, they they did not wear armour and only bore light arms to give them greater freedom of movement. They would travel wherever a rapid, efficient attack was needed.

The name perfectly embodies the values that drive us. Skill, speed and discretion are key words for our team members.



Our analyses are based exclusively on clear and factual information.

Decision-making tools

We model the results of our studies in the form of very sophisticated maps.


We share all our sources of information with you.


Our mission reports are clear, specific, concrete and useful.

Deliverable made by Vélite ©Cabinet Vélite

An innovative and effective method

Vélite’s maps restore the real, the useful and the pragmatic. All the intelligence work we do is based on the most advanced digital techniques with regard to retrieval and acquisition. We deliver the findings of our analyses in the form of customised maps that give our clients a very clear overview of the situation.

High added-value information

Our investigation techniques are based on the exploitation of open sources, using state-of-the-art open source intelligence (OSINT) methods.

Analyses focused on customer questions

Working in considerable depth, we cross-check, analyse and synthesise the information for our clients to provide clear answers to their questions.

Clear and reliable deliverables

Our deliverables are based on factual and verifiable information and not impressions and prejudices.

Our biggest plus : our maps

The maps produced by Vélite have became a remarkable aid for gaining a decisive competitive edge in conquering a market. They are an ideal tool with which to sit round the table as a team to work on drawing up a “battle plan”.

Join the Vélite team

Joining Vélite means becoming part of an innovative, dynamic and ambitious consulting firm that has built a reputation for excellence among its clients. As a member of our teams, you can flourish as a member of a close-knit group of people, take part in stimulating projects and hone your professional skills.

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