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Joining Vélite means becoming part of an innovative, dynamic and ambitious consulting firm that has built a reputation for excellence among its clients. As a member of our teams, you can flourish as a member of a close-knit group of people, take part in stimulating projects and hone your professional skills.

Rigour and team spirit

At Vélite, you support the management teams of international groups and SMEs alike. Your assignments will have a significant impact on the development of these companies, and indirectly on society (the economy, jobs, health, environment, innovation, etc.).

So the candidates we are looking for – whether beginners or people with experience – will all have qualities such as rigour, a taste for teamwork and creativity.

At Vélite, we combine the professionalism of a respected consulting firm with the entrepreneurial spirit of a human-scale operation. We make sure that all our team members are given conditions in which they can develop their talents and express their potential.


You are given thorough in-house training and you are put into situations of responsibility. You play an active part in discussions with our clients and you develop tailored recommendations for them.

If you are going to flourish, you need to constantly call into question your own way of thinking to try to find the best approach. Facing this challenge, you can count on the support of a team that’s accustomed to sticking together.

If you think…

  • that the proliferation of information and data available constitutes a golden opportunity for businesses,
  • that making use of this information can help meet the challenges of businesses of all sizes, whether in France or in other countries,
  • that this can have a positive impact on the economy and on society,
  • that this is work that deserves unwavering commitment, the sense of effort and a strong team spirit,

then you’re on the same wavelength as us!

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Do you like to search, hunt and investigate to try to understand the world around you better? Good to hear it! It’s just what you need to become a « vélite » .


If you are good with advanced research techniques and can make good use of your creativity to find information, then you’ve got one of the essential qualities you need to advance at Vélite!