Support with B2B prospection

Vélite has developed a strong expertise in identifying and targeting qualified prospects on every continent. Boost your business thanks to our information service specialising in tracking business opportunities..

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Easy Prospect, an offer dedicated to commercial acceleration for start-ups and SMEs

Gain invaluable time: only meet those decision-makers who need your products/services.

Acquiring new clients is never an easy matter. One of the biggest difficulties is the amount of time lost in trying to get an appointment with the right person, or in meeting prospects who do not really need you.

To remedy this problem and boost your development, our analysts identify businesses whose ongoing projects or recently published news show that they need your services (new development strategy, new appointment, relocation, etc.).

So that you can take full advantage of the opportunity, we will find out the contact details of the best-placed person in the company.

Our Easy Prospect service allows you to:

  • reduce cold-calling,
  • improve your company’s sales performance,
  • speak directly to the right people.


Meet the best prospect at just the right time

  • Are you an entrepreneur, executive, sales manager or head of operational marketing?
  • Are you operating in a B2B market?
  • Do you want to increase your revenues?
  • Do you want to make contact rapidly with prospects who really need your products or services?

Vous voulez entrer en contact rapidement avec les prospects qui ont vraiment besoin de vos produits ou services ?

With our support you can connect with your future prospects. Our methodology meets three key challenges :

  1. Efficiency : your sales team can focus on prospecting
  2. Relevance : les prospects you meet are much more targeted
  3. Cost-effective : the service pays for itself as soon as the first deal is signed
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